Heart Conditions

Jul 23, 2023    Justan McCaslin

Because of growing opposition, Jesus begins to teach the masses with parables “Set alongside - Instructive parallel between a story and a lesson or principle." His intention was two-fold: to conceal truth from those who denied Him and to reveal truth to those who desired Him. This required the hearer to listen by opening the heart and mind to truly grasp the lesson. Jesus give His disciples indication as to what’s-what in this parable:

Sower: anyone bringing God’s truth - Pastor, teacher, Christian, Jesus

Seed: God’s word/truth - Life giving (for our good)

Soil Condition: Condition of heart - How we receive what is given

He uses something that is familiar to us all (planting seeds) to emphasize an important spiritual lesson: The truth of God must take root in the heart, be cultivated and permitted to bear fruit.