We Don't Have To Work For It

Mar 20, 2024

What is sin? Where did it come from? Who does it affect? In Romans, Paul has taught us that sin is what keeps us from being able to have a relationship with our creator and it’s a problem for everyone. The only remedy was for God to send Jesus to the cross to take on the punishment we deserve. It’s Jesus’ blood that makes us safe from God’s punishment, and it’s God’s word that makes us sure of our justification - that our sin has been paid for. This is a major doctrine of the Christian faith and it can be hard for us to grasp. Today, Pastor Jeff continues to teach us through Romans, and he’ll unfold this topic of justification… that It’s a single ACT, completed in a moment, not a process; there’s no levels of justification; and God doesn’t make us righteous over time, He declares us righteous once & for all! How does all of this change how I live my life and approach God?