A Perfect Plan

Jul 16, 2023    Pastor Jeff Cramer

Let’s back up to (Acts 1:8) where Jesus tells His disciples the scope of the mission – they’re to be witnesses. This is key for understanding Stephen’s life in this chapter. The greek word for witnesses = martus (mar-toos) [G-3144]. Defined as: “One who believes so strongly in his faith, that he would give his life for what he believed.” This chapter is the transition between the birth of the church & the second phase of God’s plan for the church – evangelism. Stephen's mention in scripture starts at (Acts 6:5) & quickly ends in (Acts 8:2). It gives us a glimpse of the man he was – Stephen was:

(Acts 6:3) “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom…” 

(Acts 6:5) “full of faith and the Holy Spirit…”

(Acts 6:8) “full of faith and power…”

This becomes important because we learn from the impact of the early church - Everyday people who were relying on the abilities of God over self.