The Evidence of Change

Sep 17, 2023    Pastor Jeff Cramer

After we read about Saul’s conversion, God recorded the very practical advancement of ministry. We have a picture of an older believer wrestling to obey God (Ananias) as he steps out to serve a younger believer - Saul. Saul was 28 - 31 yrs. old at this point. Some think this Ananias was a leader in the church at Damascus at the time. With a simple observation we learn in vv.10-12 God was at work on both sides of the meeting between Saul & Ananias. In a vision Ananias was told to visit Saul and in a vision Saul was told ABOUT a visit from Ananias. When God calls us to step out we can trust that He has already prepared the details on the other side.